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My Week In Magic - Update 34

A shorter update this week as not a lot to say...

I worked on interviews throughout the week. Completed three future interviews and I am working actively on another couple with 9 new chats with magicians in the works. Cannot wait to share these interviews.

Collectables wise, I bought a couple more signed items for my collection. A nicely framed David Copperfield picture that is signed with a COA. Also a Geoffrey Durham signed photo card (hope its real). Both arrived really quickly and I have added to my collectables pages.

My autograph collection is growing nicely now with about 30 signed items now.

My show review of the latest Richard Jones interview published last Sunday went down well with lots of views. Lots of nice compliments about that post.

I attended a couple of pro lectures this week. The first was with the Leicester Magicians Network and was with The Great Adamos Aka Adam Chappell. A really good night and very enjoyable.

I was also able to give the website another coat of paint yesterday. Updated some of the homepage pictures with new content and things to come.

The second pro lecture was with Mark Evans. An insightful demo with him talking through his effects. Part of my research for an interview that I am conducting with Mark.

As for the coming week, I intend to join the BMC online convention this evening along with a Mark Shortland pro lecture. The Leicester Magicians Network also have a pro lecture mid week with Matt Ramsell.

Have a good rest of weekend.



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