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My Week In Magic - Update 35

My week started with a Mark Shortland pro lecture on the Sunday night.

Very informative and enjoyable. The time was for the US market, so it started at 2200 BST. It was a decent length and I learnt a lot. 2.5 hours for only £11 was a bargain. Would recommend if you get a chance to join one of Marks lecture. Future dates are normally advertised in the shop on Mark’s website.

That same evening I was able to watch a little bit of the BMC online conference earlier that night. Managed to watch about 90 minutes. I thought John Archer was an excellent host and very funny.

On Wednesday I joined the Leicester Magicians Network (LMN) for a pro lecture with Matt Ramsell. An excellent talk on marketing for magicians and in particular - wedding fairs. It was very informative and he imparted loads of good ideas.

The LMN has also announced lots of new events for May and June. Please check out their site here.

Content wise, I completed my Mark Evans and Louise Andrée Douglas interviews. Mark’s interview is now out as of yesterday and the one with Louise is this Friday the 30th. Take a look at the interview page.

Collectables wise, I received my new signed book from Mark Evans - “Illusory” which I have added to the collectables pages. A very nicely presented book.

I also managed to buy a limited deck of Marc Spelmann playing cards that went on sale Friday morning. Limited to 500 decks and they come with a signed certificate. They look pretty nice and I will look forward to receiving those. I am a sucker for a signed collectable!

Another purchase was adding to my signed posters. I finally bought a couple of signed posters from Justin Willman’s US site. Looking forward to receiving those but may take a while. Tempted to book to see Justin’s new Zoom show as well. I especially like the drawn tour poster - amazing artwork.

This week, we have the LMN meeting early and have it later today. A pro lecture with Harapong Ong. The rest of the week is quiet, so may need to book an online show.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.




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