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My Week In Magic - Update 36

Updated: May 30, 2021

A very quiet week that started with another pro-lecture. The Leicester Magicians Network (LMN) joined Harapan Ong from Singapore on Sunday afternoon via Zoom. An excellent lecture with Harapan working through many card effects.

As he has a new book, I had to buy it as signed for my collection. As buying from Singapore, I thought that it may take a while but it has already been delivered yesterday. The book is called the Four Treasures and comes with some supporting gaff cards. A great addition to my collectables.

My new Magician X / Marc Spelmann playing cards also arrived on Thursday. Just 500 sets are being sold with a signed certificate. Very nicely presented and my set was number 40 so quite low which is good.

One strange thing though is that the signed certificate is rolled up and creased within the box on arrival. I have now removed and in the process of flattening with some weight.

Early in the week, I had a rare chance to practice with my cards. I am ahead with website content, so I was able to practice some magic. I also joined the online Magic Hour video course by Tony Middleton, so that I could watch his instruction videos. A monthly subscription which seems to be worth the money. I am now working through the videos and watching some self working/easy card tricks.

I tried out a couple of the tricks on my daughter and she was suitably impressed. An impressive video site by Tony Middleton.

Later in the week, I was able to get a graphic designer to tweak my logo. Nice job and looks more professional which is good. Very reasonable charge as a new company.

A nice surprise on Friday was the popularity of my new interview with Louise Andrée Douglas. It really makes a difference when artists promote their interviews and Louise drove loads of traffic to the site. The busiest day yet for site traffic and yesterday was busy as well. Thank you Louise. A great way to end April and start May with the first Birthday of the site approaching.

Well, that’s it for another week. Next week I have a Justin Willman show on Sunday the 9th and a Leicester Magicians Network session midweek. A bit of a social and discussion about what to buy or not - members recommendations.

Hopefully some new collectable posters will arrive next week that I have been waiting for. Two Justin Willman posters from the US and a Debbie McGee signed poster.

Enjoy your Bank Holiday. Martin


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