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My Week In Magic - Update 39

A very quiet week on the magic front. I started the week attending the Angus Online 3 Zoom show “Time Travel” on Sunday.

A great show by Angus Baskerville.

The ticket price was really reasonable and it was a very enjoyable show. As usual, Angus had put a lot of work into the show.

I understand that it maybe the last public Zoom show for a while, with Angus now able to focus on live events again.

The site also has an interview coming out with Angus in a couple of weeks so look out for that one!

Mid week, I attended the latest LMN pro-lecture. This week, it was with Daniel Chard. An excellent lecture that was really informative and card based. Next week the club is having a social and quiz night.

I was also able to gain agreement from a high profile artist who has agreed to an interview in future. An exciting opportunity to research and prepare questions for an artist who has quite an international presence and following. Looking forward to revealing more as it develops. I have nearly finished the questions but want to get them right.

Site wise, updates for the promo pages and collectables section were completed and went live Thursday night.

Lastly, my first edition of Linking Ring finally arrived. I took out a sub last Oct/Nov, so has nearly taken 7 months to get my first edition. Doubt I will resubscribe based on this experience as next annual sub will be due in about 4 months. A very long wait to get put on the distribution list for the mag.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.




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