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My Week In Magic - Update 40

I had a great start to the week with many friends and acquaintances sharing their experiences and photos of their first live gigs on FaceBook. It was great to see so many pictures and videos of magicians in their element, performing live and at weddings etc.

Pleasing to hear that bookings are now picking up. Hopefully it won’t be too long before I get a chance to see some live magic again myself at a theatre. I am particularly interested in seeing some of the shows in London like Wonderment, The Magic Hour and perhaps even a show at The Magic Circle etc. A nice long weekend in London could be on order but would know doubt be costly!

Of course, Zoom is still an option and many performers are attempting to carry out live performances and keep Zoom open as an option as well. Makes sense for those that can.

Mid-week on Wednesday, there was a social and quiz hosted by LMN (Leicester Magicians Network) over Zoom. Another enjoyable evening. They also hosted a meet up on the Friday in Leicester and I hope to attend such a face to face session very soon.

TV wise, I watched a little "Magic for Humans "on Netflix. This time the Spanish version which is just as enjoyable with subtitles and audio commentary. The magician is Mago Pop and I would recommend if you are looking for a TV magic fix. Appears to be different effects rather than the same performances already.

Mago Pop

Purchase wise, I have been keeping my eye out to buy the Marvins Magic Deluxe Box of Tricks, to add to my collection. A limited edition set with just 3000 produced.

Currently, I am keeping an eye on e-bay. Strangely, I bid for such an item during the week, was outbid for the item to only be re-listed within 30 minutes of it ending. Odd!

On the Marvins website, the item is £125 and may go down that route as they do not appear on e-bay very often. However, I am waiting until Marvins release their next 25% or 33% off voucher. Normally they do such a thing over Bank Holidays but no such luck this weekend so far!

The last of the LMN interviews was also posted this week with Scot Jerram. A complete set of interviews with the four founders of the Leicester Magicians Network is now available here. Use the link below if you want to know more about the Network or wish to join.

I also had the pleasure of working with a couple of artists who have achieved TV success and I have been carrying out interviews with them during the week. I will announce more details soon but would hope to have the interviews finished for June or early July!

Enjoy your Bank Holiday.



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