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My Week In Magic - Update 41

A very short update this week. I am currently investing a lot of time on some important future career opportunities and I have a little less time than normal to focus on magic and this site.

I started the week watching more of the Spanish version of Magic for Humans on Netflix. Quite an enjoyable series with 6 episodes that I have nearly finished. I would definitely recommend this series. Think I need to source an El Mago Pop signed poster for my collection now!

I also watched the first episode of AGT series 16 on Netflix. On the Magic and Illusion front, Dustin Tavella performed and used Terry Cruise. A mentalism routine that was quite enjoyable, though tended to slightly pull on the emotional stories angle.

I also received a promotional email from Marvins Magic early in the week. They have a Fathers Day promotion and they are offering 20% off purchases if you enter the code Dad20 for the discount.

Using the code, I finally went head and bought the deluxe magic set that i have been after. Normally £125 and bought it for £100. A good saving, so it pays to wait and be patient sometimes.

Really looking forward for this to arrive next week and I will do a mini review. I will definitely share some of my own photos and thoughts. It will definitely make a nice display item and I will log it in the collectables section of this site.

Content wise, I continue to work on a couple more interviews. I hope to finish work on my Vincenzo Ravina interview soon so that I can publish in June. Another exciting interview that I will announce soon is still in the works and should also be out in the coming weeks!

If you have not had a chance yet, do read my latest interview with Angus Baskerville. Thanks to Angus for answering my questions. Read.

Next week I am attending the latest LMN pro lecture on Wednesday. A lecture with Steve Dimmer. Looking forward to that one.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.



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