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My Week In Magic - Update 42

Just a small update this week.

My new Marvin’s Magic deluxe box set of magic arrived. I have added to the collectables section of the site and I have written a mini review.

A nice collectable to own even if a little pricey.

I will have a bit of an experiment with some of the effects and had a play with the dynamic coin effect.

Mid week I attended the latest LMN conference with Steve Dimmer. A great pro lecture with lots of workable effects, often using items that you already own or that you can create. No hard sell and just Steve sharing his experiences, effects and videos. An enjoyable lecture. Next week we have the Royal Road to card magic, hosted by Adam Edgeley.

Interview wise, I worked a little bit more on my Vincenzo Ravina interview that I hope to share soon.

Purchase wise, I have been looking at buying a signed David Blaine poster from his website. It would be a good collectable to add to my collection as I do like signed posters. The difficulty is which one to buy.

Currently I am thinking of getting the ”above and below” signed poster. Main reason due to the fact that I remember David performing this stunt in London due to all the publicity and my wife actually saw David in the box at the time.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.



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