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My Week In Magic - Update 43

I started the week by watching AGT series 16 episode 2 followed by episode 3 yesterday.

My family are really into the show but I am just on the lookout for the magicians who are performing.

The first show featured UK escape artist/magician Matt Johnson. His performance saw him being tied upside down in a straight jacket, then having to escape before a water tank filled which would release a spinning blade. Quite entertaining.

Also the same show featured card magician Patrick Kun. A very skilful performance and if you haven’t seen it, take a look below.

Episode 3 featured @bizarreklek that reminded me of Magician X. A masked magician who was mysterious in style.

Site wise, I published a new website page to promote weddings mid week. The page will be updated as I discover more UK artists who perform at weddings. If you are an artist who wishes to be featured, please do contact.

Collectables wise, I am not coming across as many items to purchase currently on sites like e-bay. However, I did buy a reasonably priced Paul Daniels flyer this week. I do own a larger version of this poster that is also signed but the flyer looks like a good addition to my collection. Looking forward to receiving it.

I finally finished the El Mago Pop series on Netflix. Very enjoyable.

I also can across a Ben Hanlin video that he filmed for Sky VIP. Was also entertaining to watch though need to finish it.

Midweek I attended the Royal Road to card magic which was a LMN lecture by the chairman Adam Edgeley. An enjoyable session. Next week I have an LMN lecture on the Thursday with Abz Magician. Should be good.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.



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