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My Week In Magic - Update 44

Some rare down time meant that I had an opportunity to practice with my cards.

I am signed up to the online Tony Middleton magic school and I worked through some of the card force videos. Excellent instructional videos.

Mid week, I joined the LMN for their pro lecture with Abz Khalifa. A fantastic lecture and I learnt a lot.

Having attended many lectures that are hosted by the club, I thought it about time that I prepared a talk. I have decided to research and run a talk on the golden age of magic. Hopefully I will be able to bring it to life and make it interactive.

Therefore, I have gained some recommendations on books and bought a few on the golden age of magic. Will share more about the books when they arrive. I’m already working on the slides and how I can make sure all are involved. Will be a gradual process to prepare this content and I have a couple of months to complete it.

Later in the week, a collectable item also arrived that I purchased on eBay. A signed Paul Daniels flyer. I already own a similar signed version that is a larger A3 poster and this is a good addition.

I also managed to buy some David Blaine white lions tour edition playing cards that are signed. Looking forward to them arriving and adding to my website. Once arrived, I will add to the collectables page on the site.

TV wise @shojimagic appeared on episode 4 of AGT that I watched last night. A nine year old magician who performed with cards and coins. He was good.

That’s my update for another week!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.



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