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My Week In Magic - Update 49

I started off the week on Sunday night watching “When Magic Goes Horribly Wrong” which you can stream on My 5. It was originally broadcast on Channel 5 last Saturday.

An entertaining 90 minute show featuring many magicians like Ben Hanlin, Pete Firman and even Fay Presto, talk about escapology and dangerous stunts that have gone wrong. Also featured video of Paul Daniels and Debbie McGee.

Some of the stunts were horrific but a good watch.

On the Monday, I worked more on the Magic Seats website, updating the blog and promo page. I also added a new collectable onto the site which arrived last week with a signed COA. A photo and signature of Pete Firman.

Magic Seen magazine provided excellent customer service as usual. They quickly shipped about 8 back copies of the magazine that I bought within just a couple of days after ordering. Lots to read now!

I continued to work on a talk/interactive session/quiz that I am preparing for the Leicester Magicians Network (LMN). Due to present it on the 25th of August, so hoping to complete it soon. Think it is getting close to be completed.

Next week, I am joining the LMN for their lecture with Adam Hudson on the Wednesday evening. The lecture involves quite a few of his original effects/routines. Will be an enjoyable evening.

No AGT episode dropped on Netflix this week.

Have a good rest of weekend.




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