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My Week In Magic - Update 50

Wow - update 50!

The weekly updates on a Sunday were somewhat sporadic when I first launched this blog. Now that they are a regularly post each week, I hope that you find it an enjoyable read.

This week I am going to start with a little moan about some magic dealers. The minority rather than the majority.

I have received excellent service from many dealers who communicate the minute an issue arises or there may be any issues or delay’s in posting.

However, in this industry their appears to be some that are quick to take your money and think nothing of making you wait 3 or more weeks before sending. No communication and you then have to chase to find out what is happening. And when you chase, responses are slow.

Yet again I find myself waiting for product which I paid promptly for online. If you deal online and wish your company to be a success, it doesn’t matter how much stock and varied items you source, if you don’t look after your customer, they won’t come back.

A recent item that I purchased which had a very generous delivery timescale of about 2 weeks has now been exceeded and no sign of the item being marked as despatched, 19 days after purchase.

Customer service is important in any industry. For those selling, when an issue arises, communicate with your customer. Send items in a timely fashion and make your customer feel valued, especially when they repeat purchase with you. And by that I mean, offer a quick and speedy service. I don’t wish to name any poor sellers/dealers within this blog but why risk the potential of poor reviews by failing your customer? I am sure that others would quickly name and shame. My blog is intended to promote magic as an industry in a positive light, so if you don’t provide a good service, you are not only letting yourself down but the industry.

In this instance, my comments this week are due to a seller who appears to be getting lax in approach and constantly takes longer every time I purchase (without any comms). Not the best way to reward loyalty when a customer has spent several hundred in a year! May have to rethink buying in future from those who have have such disregard to offer any decent service.

I have worked in customer service and related industries for many years. And for those who do act as Magic dealers, please focus on your service offering. It is so important to provide a good experience and retain and gain repeat business. Word of mouth is also key.

On a nicer note… My week got off to an excellent start and I attended a pro lecture that was hosted by the Leicester Magicians Network with Adam Hudson.

A 90 minute lecture when Adam talked through various effects in an entertaining manner. Many of a mathematical and mentalism theme.

Adam is an established performer who has now published three books in his series.

Thanks Adam for the enjoyable talk.

My secret magic project has also gained an initial success this week. Looking forward to when I can tell you more. Small steps…

Then, on a non magic related note, I have secured a new job after a period of redundancy. An excellent opportunity with an IT company, where I will be able to use my passion for customer service and IT to help customers.

And lastly, for anyone who likes Tik Tok magician Dan Rhodes, below is his new interview with Newsround.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Martin



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