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My Week In Magic - Update 51

After a small break from conducting interviews, I started work on a new interview with the owner of a Magic Bar! - Jasper Blakeley who owns The Small Space in Barry, Wales.

I am looking forward to continuing to work on this interview and I hope to have it posted soon. So far, I have worked on the general presentation of the post/interview and the questions.

It is good to be back working on some interviews after a small break from it.

I have also started to approach others for interviews and if you fancy being featured, please let me know.

The week also presented a couple of lecture opportunities which included a brilliant lecture on scripting by Ian Gamage, as part of The Leicester Magicians Network (LMN). This took place on Wednesday. A very enjoyable session.

As I am hosting my first talk on the 25th of August that I continue to prepare for, I used Ian’s session to start scripting some of my session. It was really helpful to plan a script of what needs to be said for some parts of the session while will hopefully also help me to be more concise. I like to think of the session as a more interactive session rather than talk. Therefore, I will also be using bullets/sign posting for some of the time to be more free and natural while speaking which will also opening up the session for others to contribute.

Mid week, Jamie Allan released his media tour on YouTube to promote Illusionarium. Worth a watch and embedded below. It is a magic experience in Canada where you go through four interactive rooms. Hopefully the exhibit will travel as would be great if it came to the UK. Would think it would go down well in Las Vegas as well.

Later in the week, I was really tempted to buy tickets to see Wonderville after all the excellent reviews. My concern though is that I am not keen to be in a packed theatre yet, so close to others as I have previously been considered as vulnerable during the lockdowns. A poor experience in a Leicester restaurant during the week quickly helped make up my mind not to buy Theatre tickets yet. Hopefully I will be able to go back to theatres soon.

Hope that you have had a good week. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.




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