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My Week In Magic - Update 54

An interesting week on the magic front and a couple of memorable events.

Firstly, I received my digital and paper version of Magic Seen magazine that was celebrating 100 editions. I feature within a section congratulating the magazine on reaching that fantastic milestone. A nice souvenir to have.

Another highlight this week was finally getting to meet Mandy Muden. I have been a fan of her for quite a while.

I posted a mini review of the gig earlier in the week. To get to chat to Mandy briefly about all things magic and get a selfie was amazing.

While I have contacted Mandy previously and she helped provide an interview for this site, I didn’t want to trouble her prior to the gig. However, I met her by chance in the foyer. Introduced who I was and we had a great chat for a few minutes along with my wife Nadine. She was lovely.

It felt good to be able to see some live magic after a long time away from theatres etc.

I have added the pic below to my selfie collection on the site and you can read the review here.

Meeting Mandy Muden

Also early in the week, I had the opportunity to assist the Leicester Magicians Network, and from now on will write blog posts to promote the club on their website/blog. A good opportunity to be active within the club and contribute.

I plan to write a couple of posts for that blog every week and you can read the first few posts here.

I hope you are having a good weekend. Have a good week ahead.






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