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Copy of Magic Seats (1920 × 500px).png
Copy of Magic Seats (1920 × 500px).png

My Week In Magic - Update 55

A very quiet week in the magic front this week. I have started a new job recently and what with additional family responsibilities, it has not left me with much time.

I was able to join the Leicester Magicians Network (LMN) for a lecture with Kozmo, street magician on the Wednesday. A fantastic lecture with Kozmo talking us through some of his routines while encouraging many questions and discussions.

A full review has been posted by the LMN blog here.

Next week I am looking forward to the first in person LMN meeting over in Leicester. It will be good to meet all the faces that I have been interacting with via zoom for the last year. I will tell you more about that next week.

I also have a magic car boot that I am attending so should have some more news by then.

In the meantime, if you missed last Sunday update, read here as more eventful.

Have a good weekend.



Leicester Magicians Network


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