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My Week In Magic - Update 57

After a quiet period collecting magic, a few opportunities arose to buy some signed items.

I was able to buy a Betty Davenport signed card from 2002. Picked up at a very reasonable price for an item that could be quite difficult to come across. Will list within the website collectables very soon either later today or during the week.

The signed Danny Buckler and Derren Brown first day signed stamp covers also arrived which are in excellent condition and limited to just 500 each.

I also had the opportunity to join an in person meet with the Leicester Magicians Network on Wednesday. It was great to meet many of the members in person at last. A social and a session run by Scot Jerram. To learn more, the LMN , I have posted a blog post about the evening here.

Do take a look at the LMN blog as I have also posted a page about why I joined LMN. Hopefully it will act as a good insight to others that you don’t necessarily need to be a performer to join a magic club.

Meeting Shae

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.




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