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My Week In Magic - Update 58

A few more collectables arrived this week. Signed signatures by Paul Zenon and John Styles. Also a Jamie Raven signed bank note.

My autograph collection is now growing with nearly 50 magicians within my collection of signed items.

The latest items will be added to the collectables section in the website in the next few days.

For the complete A to Z list of my signed collectable, take a look here.

Jamie Raven Signed Note
Paul Zenon and John Styles Signatures

I was also able to finally finish my The Small Space interview with magician Jasper.

Apologies to Jasper for the interview taking so long. Personal circumstances and a change of job delayed my normal turnaround times. Hopefully I will be able to share the interview next week.

Lastly, a new book review is in the works. A review of the new Vinny Sagoo/ Neo Magic book “Magic Maths”. Now available to pre-order. As a book aimed at beginners of all ages, especially children, I am going to work through the book with my daughter who is age 11.

Rarely, I had the opportunity to study some magic theory. Last night, I was able to take some time and watch some Tony Middleton videos who I subscribe to. Great to watch and learn.

I am also going to London in January so hoping I can catch The Magic Hour show with Tony. That would be good.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.




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