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My Week In Magic - Update 59

Some more signed collectables arrived this week Two signed photos of magician Axel Hexklau Very nice signed photos and good quality. Axel is famed for his Penn & Teller appearance.

I was also able to pick up a signed Kovari playing card. Another good edition to my collection which must nearly comprise of about 50 signed items now. Looking forward to this playing card arriving.

Purchase wise, not much of interest on eBay this week. However, you never know when a rare or unique magic item will appear. Hopefully I will be able to find some more collectables soon! Shame it is a bit dry out there as would like to add more to my collection.

My first printed edition of the Magic Circular also arrived. A nice magazine to read and I have started working my way through this edition. It will be nice to collect these magazines from now on.

Generally a quiet week magic wise. I had a rare opportunity to watch some more instruction videos yesterday and watched some more Tony Middleton videos.

Yesterday, I also carried out some website updates. Home page refreshed, a new interview posted (Jasper Blakeley from The Small Space), promo page and collectables all updated.

A future review that I will be working on is the New Magic Maths book from Neo Magic. Looking forward to receiving my review copy.

Have a good weekend.




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