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My Week In Magic - Update 61

I started the week by joining a Howard Hamburg lecture. My time was limited so I was only able to join for some of the meeting. It was also a part 2 lecture so as I had not attended the first. Hoping to catch up and watch a recording of part 1 of the lecture soon. An enjoyable lecture though.

I also attended an LMN Bring and Buy sale which was excellent. A very enjoyable evening and a great social as usual. I was able to pick up a couple of nice items from Pete Whitmore MMC.

A selection of items to buy and trade

Early in the week, I was also sad to hear of the passing of Phil Butler. An extremely funny and talented man. A few years ago, I had the opportunity to see him perform his routine mixing singing, comedy and magic. Very funny. Being near the front of stage, my wife and I were also picked on by Phil. He was supporting Paul Zerdin and was amazing. RIP Phil.

Phil Butler off stage at Corby in 2019

Collectables wise, my new Lance Burton signed photo arrived very quickly. It has been a good month for signed items in October. I Have updated the collectables section on the site and it is up to-date.

I also received a signed copy of the new Vinny Sagoo - Neo Magic book “Mind the Maths Magic”.

I‘ve already finished reading the book and I finished writing the review yesterday. A fantastic book with many maths magic effects.

Take a look here to read my review.

Have a good weekend.




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