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My Week In Magic - Update 62

Site wise, my week got off to a good start with visitor numbers up and many reading my new review on Vinny Sagoo’s new book “Mind The Maths Magic”. An excellent book and if you haven’t seen it, read here.

I was also able to buy a nice signed Dynamo card with COA. So while I already have a signed Dynamo poster, this was another nice edition to own. Collectable and quite large.

Book wise, the new David Copperfield book that I pre-ordered months ago finally arrived. “History of Magic” is a lovely 250 page coffee table style book.

Many pictures from David’s museum with supporting history. A lovely book. I spent a bit of time yesterday and Friday reading through it. I have started a review for the site which I also hope to post soon.

However, I think this book may take a while to read. So far, a chapter about David Copperfield and then onto witchcraft and now about Robert Houdini.

Lecture wise, I didn't attend anything this week but I have the opportunity to do something very special magic wise next week that I am looking forward to. I may be able to share some photos next week.

Also next week, I have an LMN lecture that I am also looking forward to. I believe it is magic with wallets and associated effects.

Have a good weekend.





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