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My Week In Magic - Update 64

My week got off to a good start and I was able to pick up a signed copy of Joel M’s new book via Waterstones.

As I sourced from a bookstore, it was just the normal book price. It just shows you to be careful and shop around, a seller on eBay wanted £34.95 whereas I was able to pick up the signed version for £14.99. It also arrived rather quickly.

Collection wise, I am up to about 55 magician signatures now.

The signature is nicely positioned on a front page and you can see the pressure points as well. Definitely hand signed!

E-Bay wasn’t particularly exciting for collectables this week. However, I am watching a few things that will hopefully come off next week. One item includes an Ali Bongo signature.

I also started work on a brand new interview. Too early to reveal who yet but they are multi talented and work close up, on stage, act as a consultant, perform as part of a magic act and are also a children’s entertainer / ventriloquist. Any ideas? They have many other talents as well.

Currently I am researching as I prepare my questions. Looking forward to telling you more soon!

My week was generally very quiet. However, next week I have an LMN lecture that I am looking forward to. I will be joining Ian Gamage to watch his chop cup workshop. Will be good.

I‘m also looking forward to another trip down to London later this month with magician mates when we will be meeting up with other magicians.

Have a good weekend all





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