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My Week In Magic - Update 65

The week started quietly but mid week I attended a fantastic in person lecture with the LMN.

Ian Gamage presented his Cup and Ball night to a really good turn out of LMN members.

Ian’s routine was fab to watch and I was lucky to have a good view. Managed to get some good photos.

Collectables wise, I have been able to collect a lot of signed cards from LMN members that same night. It may take me a little while to add to my site with 10 additional signed magician playing cards. For the moment, I have listed as one entry in the collectables section but will add them individually in future.

Also during the week, some historic magic programs from the 1930’s arrived as well as leaflets. Some even have ads for local midlands towns in the UK.

A highlight is one program which has a signed Ali Bongo autograph. Good to get an original Ali signature.

So adding some 11 new magician autographs to my collection this week takes me over the 60 now for autographs.

I still need to gain more but I think I am doing quite well!

Chris Dugdale

Romany Romany x 2

Dynamo x 2

Stephen Mulhern

Richard Jones x 7

Marvin Berglas

Scot Jerram x 2

Chris Cross x 7

Vinny Sagoo x 4

Darcey Oake x 2

Ben Hanlin x 2

Lxke Trix x 2

Ash Marlow

Jay & Joss

Paul Daniels x 4

Debbie McGee x 2

Derren Brown x 2

Matthew Corbett

Michael Ammar

Hannah Ammar

Eugene Burger x2

Jeff McBride x2

Mandy Muden x2

John Archer

Elliot Bibby

Martin Daniels

Richard Cadell

Mark Shortland x 3

Geoffrey Dunham

David Copperfield

Marc Spelmann “X”

Justin Willman x2

Harapan Ong

Paul Zerdin

Wayne Dobson

Fay Presto

Penn & Teller

David Blaine

James Freedman

Pete Firman

Danny Buckler

Betty Davenport

Paul Zenon

Jamie Raven

John Styles

Axel Hexklau


Enrick brothers

Hans klock

David Minton

Joel M

Ali Bongo

Ian Gamage

Pete Whitmore

Adam Edgeley

David Leeson

John Constantine

Shae Gathercole

Thomas Pedros

Liam keily

Paul Furlong

Barry and Stuart

Lastly, a new signed photo arrived this week. A signed photo card to promote the Barry and Stewart TV show.

I spent some time yesterday updating the website collectables page. I also worked on my next interview. Can’t wait to be able to reveal who I am working with. A multi talented female magician is the only clue at this stage.

Have a good rest of weekend.





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