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My Week In Magic - Update 70

Some new purchases arrived this week that I had been expecting.

First up, my new limited edition Houdini signed print by Jay Fortune arrived safe. An excellent quality print. I will need to get it mounted and framed now. Really impressed as a quality print.

This particular print is also being sold for charity currently.

My signed book called Ellisdons and written by Philip David Treece also arrived. I was able to buy a signed copy and this is volume 1. Very nicely produced by

I also managed to buy on e-Bay a signed edition of the latest David Copperfield book. A good addition to my collection that will arrive mid January. Can’t imagine that there will be many of these around

Yesterday, I received some magic books for Christmas that I had been after a while. Parlour Tricks and The Boy Who Cried Magic. Also, Ben Harts book. Looking forward to reading these.

During the week, I have also been writing a review of 2021 for the LMN - Leicester Magicians Network. It will be posted on their blog soon and I will then share the link during the week.

I hope that you are having a fantastic Christmas and enjoying the magic of this time of year. Enjoy your break.





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