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My Week In Magic - Update 71

I took some time this week to update the collectables pages on the website. Quite a few new items needed to be added for December.

Artwork, books and Magic Circle goodies all received and logged within the collectables pages. If you haven't looked at these pages in a while, the content has really grown as my collection has rapidly grown in 2021. Here's hoping to adding many more items in 2022. Take a look here. I must be getting up to over 150+ items now.

I have been asked to run a session for the LMN (Leicester Magicians Network) in January about my collection. Looking forward to running the session and seeing other members collectables as well.

I also reviewed the homepage content of the site during the week. I also worked on finding more events to advertise is January. Always a difficult task in December as a quiet month generally for magicians.

Of all the books that I received at Christmas, I started with the one that wasn't sealed and I have been having a read of the Morgan and West Parlour Tricks book. I also watched the free video of the show that you receive as part of the purchase of the book. Very enjoyable. So glad to finally own a copy of this book.

And of course we are now in 2022! Happy New Year to all my site and blog visitors. Little did I imagine in 2020 that my site would take off. I plan to start the year with a new interview that I have been planning. More to follow soon.

Have a good 2022 and rest of your break before returning to work!





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