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My Week In Magic - Update 72

A very short update this week. As to be expected for a New Year, all was fairly quiet on the magic front.

Mid week I received some good news. An interview that I am working on is progressing. Really looking forward to revealing who I have been working with on the next interview for the site! Will reveal all very soon. Most likely it will be out February.

Next week am also running a session for the Leicester Magicians Network on collectables. I plan to make the session interactive and I carried out all of the prep yesterday to support the session. Looking forward to talking and discussing all things collectable in magic. I will let you know how it goes.

The session will also include a little on autograph fraud and what to look out for based on my own experiences.

Talking of collectables and fraud, be careful if you plan to buy a signed edition of the new(ish) David Copperfield book about the history of magic. It appears that quite a few copies of the book are being sold supposedly with a special inserted signed page. Be careful as reports are indicting these books are signed with an auto pen. Hence not a real signature. They have also be crafty in using a number of different signature templates with the auto pen.

Reports that I am reading indicate that a version of the book with a book plate and COA are most likely the only genuine signed copies (apart from a few books signed during a limited online signing session by David and Premiere Book Sellers on You Tube).

My copy of the book that I had already bought arrived yesterday and I wasn’t particularly excited about it’s arrival. Certainly won’t be listing it in my collectables page. Possible waste of money.

Here is the source which is supported by some good pics:

Certainly a talking point during my collectables session next week.

Have a good week





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