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My Week In Magic - Update 73

Earlier in the week I continued prepped for my collectables evening that I hosted with the Leicester Magicians network on Wednesday 12th.

A short(ish) presentation about my collection and my learnings from collecting magic collectables. A very interactive session with others also sharing their experiences and unique items.

It was quite satisfying to prepare and then present/host a session for such a fantastic Magic club.

While no one normally looks forward to hosting/presenting, it always makes a difference if a subject that you are passionate about. And I do like talking magic!

It was an enjoyable evening and I hope to run another event in the future. I’m already thinking about possibilities to pitch ideas to the club.

(more after the pics)

As the site has become very collectables focused, it also feels time to update the logo of the site to mention collectables. I had a play with the logo text and now just need to upload when I get a chance.

Generally speaking it was a very quiet week. On the Friday, I bought a new kindle and will download a few magic related books. Of course, you can’t download all books in our field but certainly makes it easier to read without damaging the book, if and when available.

Next week, I hope to join some online lectures.

Have a good weekend.




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