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My Week In Magic - Update 74

Last weekend on the Sunday, I had a rare opportunity to visit Covent Garden in London. I hadn’t been there for a long time. Great to see it so busy despite Covid. Many buskers/street artists that were entertaining mass crowds that included a magician.

Artists who have struggled over the last couple of years are perhaps now surviving again, earning a living in what appears to be the new norm. This is really good to see.

This has to be good news, along with shows such as BGT starting to audition and film again in the last week with many magicians taking part. I‘m really looking forward to seeing those performances on TV, as they really help promote artists and magic.

Hopefully I will also get an opportunity to watch live magic again in the theatre this year. I really hope so. It would be fantastic to see some live performances again.

After visiting London last weekend, my thoughts are now drawn to Blackpool and February. While in London, I used some really good KN95 masks that appear to have worked well and kept me virus free. So, if I do go to Blackpool, I will be using those masks. I haven’t decided for definite yet but hope to go. Certainly lots of dealers are going to be in attendance which will be excellent.

So, a very quiet on the magic front.

Have a good weekend.




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