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My Week In Magic - Update 75

After a very quiet week last week, things picked up very slightly this week. Just that time of year I guess.

For my Kindle I was able to download and continue to read “Magic is Dead” by Ian Frisch. I previously started the hard copy of the book last year, so needed to pick up this one up again.

An interesting read about a journalist and his increasing interest in magic and the 52. An excellent book so far, and maybe one of the better books that I have read this year so far.

Loving my kindle and all the more worth while when I can find some magic related titles that I can buy, though not all content in this field is available. As many of my books that I own are quite specialist, you cannot of course get all in the Kindle store.

I also added another magic set to the collection. A children's set that will stay unopened. Originally bought as a Christmas gift that just remained in the house. Therefore, thought that I might as well have it.

Mid-week I got a call from a local theatre. Reminding me of my Ben Hart tickets that I have for early March. I had completely forgotten about that gig and will look forward to it. Should I take my Ben Hart book and try to get it signed? Probably. Last time I was going to a gig and did not bring an item that I could get signed, I regretted. I had had the opportunity to meet the artist and could have easily got something that I owned about them signed (Mandy Muden).

Of course, the thought of tickets got me thinking about this years BMC convention. A recent London trip over a few days left me exhausted. If I do still go to BMC, I think I will now just visit on a single day rather than for the whole event. Will wait and see and decide once the agenda is published in Feb.

Yesterday, I also did some website work to support the daily blog. The usual searches of magic events to post in the daily blog in February. As usual, if you are a magician and have any gigs coming up, please do get in contact.

An additional post that I wrote yesterday and has posted today was for the Leicester Magicians Network. This is another blog that I also write and the latest post is about magic moments and David Copperfield. You can read it here.

Any way, need to carry on reading “Magic is Dead”. Certainly the start is good and I will let you know what I think of the book next week.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


PS no new collectables this week. Very quiet on that front as well.



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