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My Week In Magic - Update 78

A busy week on the magic front with highlights and some disappointments, including an opportunity to get a book from my magic collection signed by the author!

The week started with a Zoom show. I hadn’t watched an online show for a while and I had the opportunity to view Pete Heat and his virtual show.

A one hour show and Pete was in good form. While I had seen most of the effects before, I hadn't had the opportunity to view Pete perform live and he was excellent. I also had the chance to interact with him which was good.

Normally Petes show is for corporate audiences, so the public performance was quite rare. The cost was reasonable and the streaming quality and sound was very good as well. Recommended if you get the chance to book.

I also managed to start reading my new kindle version of the Joshua Jay book - "How Magicians Think". That way, I keep my signed version in immaculate condition. I had been looking forward to reading this book. A more average length book at 300 pages, then the last that I read at some 600!

At the time of writing, I am now at the 45% and initial thoughts are mixed to be honest. It comprises of many short essays on lots of different topics, 52 to be exact. Therefore, very fast paced with a lot of variety. Unfortunately it is not gripping me as much as I had hoped it would. Some of the subjects would make great longer essays. I will finish it this week and will let you know next week my final thoughts. Planning to complete reading my Morgan and West book next.

Midweek I was excited to see a post on FaceBook about a children's magic hat from the 70’s - the Denys Fisher Magic Hat. It brought back many happy memories as I used to have one myself and loved it. Up till now I did not know what it was called and could never find it. Sold in the US and UK, it was a children’s magic set that included a plastic top hat. I have many fond memories of playing with it and my sister remembered it well when I told her.

After further searching, I was able to discover one to buy and add to my collection. This holds lots of very special memories for me and I cannot wait to receive it. I especially remember the rabbit silk and hidden trap door in the hat. It is of course the entry point for discovering my interest in magic.

I felt quite old when purchasing it as the description was “vintage”! Great. Just hope the seller actually posts it soon as 6 days later, it is still not showing as posted. That’s the one thing I really don’t like about e-bay, the posting times can be so slow, so this seller is advertising second class postage as well as slow to actually post the item in the first place. Hopefully I can share more information about the set on receipt next week.

Later in the week, while I continued to read my book, I was also able to update the Leicester Magicians Network website. A really good website that I have now started to assist with the management of (as well as the blog). Check out the site here, and if you live in Leicester/Midlands with a passion for magic, perhaps consider joining us.

Later in the week, I planned to attend the BMC on the Friday. Originally I was booked to go all weekend, but due to Covid and other reasons, I decided to go for the one day. This turned out to be a mistake as I was not expecting to have to deal with extreme bad weather. My train suffered a schedule change and instead of getting in for 9am, changed to nearly 1pm. It meant it was no good going for the day as would leave little time and a likely extended journey home as well. I would have rescheduled and travelled on the Saturday if possible, however online sales for the BMC were no longer available. Therefore, I was not going to travel to buy tickets at the door and risk getting turned away. That has happened to me before elsewhere.

However, to make up for that disappointment, on the Saturday, my family and I went to see Morgan and West. Their unbelievable science show. I had previously seen them perform their kids magic show a few years ago.

My mission this time was to get my book “Parlour Tricks” signed. At the end of the show there was an opportunity and Rhys signed it for me! A true special collectors item now which will be treasured as part of my collection. Thank you Morgan and West!

The show was also fantastic and they were both as entertaining as usual. If you have children, it is a fun show. My wife and I also enjoyed the humour. Very funny and a great fast paced hour. I learned a lot as well. Hopefully I will get to see their Parlour magic show in future.

Next week I have an LMN virtual meet mid week. Should be good.

And if you want to see some pics of my LMN mates at the BMC, take a look here.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!




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