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My Week In Magic - Update 79

Starting off the week, I had the opportunity to work on a new interview for Magic Seats. As the interviews take a fair bit of work, I had rested the interviews for a few months to take a break and keep them fresh. I am now continuing to work on a new series of interviews for 2022 and I have been working on two interviews currently with plans for more.

The first in the series is magician Shae Gathercole. I am really looking forward to sharing our chat and it will be posted on the site tomorrow (28-Feb). Please do come back and read it then.

Thanks goes out to Shae for his help preparing the interview. If you want to know more about Shae, please check out “Shae Does Magic” here.

Book wise, I continued to read and finished the Joshua Jay book “How magicians think”. While some interesting essays, I did struggle a lot with this book. Some content was excellent and I felt other parts were lacking. It was one of those books that for some reason you just struggle with and I just kept going so that I completed it.

Favourite essay/chapter has to be about David Blaine and his balance of magic and dangerous stunts that are real.

I was pleased to be able to read the kindle version of this book, keeping my printed version in good condition. Possibly my favourite tech purchase of 2022 so far! Just love the compact size of the kindle gadget, love the e-ink display and the back light for night reading is fab. I will let you know what I decide to read next soon!

As I could not get to BMC last weekend, I bought a new small magic pad from PropDog online. A nice sized pad that I can bring to the LMN (Leicester Magicians Network) meetings.

As usual, excellent service from PropDog, with acknowledgement emails that my order was being processed and being despatched. I placed the order last Sunday and the item was with me by Thursday. Impressive.

I already own a large Propdog pad, so it made sense to have a small pad for travels to the LMN club and for other opportunities like practising on the sofa. I am really determined to try and practice more. It would be great to learn some decent routines rather than just card handling.

Mid week, we had our LMN AGM meeting. It was great to learn about all the plans that the club has. A social followed and it was good to hear from founders/members about their BMC 2022 adventures.

My latest MagicSeen also arrived during the week. A fantastic magazine that I always enjoy reading and will look at that tonight.

On Friday, my purchase of a magic kit that I owned as a kid arrived. Quite a special purchase and it held lots of memories for me.

While the box was not in the best condition, the contents were good. Not bad for something that is nearly 50 years old! And to some extent, pretty impressive that it was still boxed.

I might see if I can tidy up the box a little and sort out the masking tape. I was hoping it maybe so old and crusty it would just disintegrate away without any damage when pulled. No such luck but I have wiped down the box with baby wipes to clean off dirt.

The inner contents are in pretty good nick. A few photos below in the gallery and I have already updated my collectables pages with this new magic kit. Amazing.

Yesterday, I was also excited to find and buy a new deck of cards. Sold for charity Breathe. Some pics below and it comes out in April. I was able to buy an edition that is limited and signed by many magicians. Looking forward to getting that deck! It includes Laura London and Dynamo signatures along with many others.

Next week, will likely be quieter but should give lots of website development time.

Enjoy your weekend.




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