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My Week In Magic - Update 8

While my vlog reviews of cards have now finished for the time being, I continue to buy cards. The advantage of not filming reviews though is that I can keep the decks sealed.

I have purchased the new Bicycle Dragon Blue Deck. From Kickstarter, I have also received by new Aqua decks and the new circle game deck. I also received my new Ape deck and trainer deck as well from Ash Marlow Magic.

Ive lost count how many decks I bought from Kickstarter earlier in the Summer so expecting some more between now and Christmas.

Online shows wise, I have booked about five online shows recently that I will look forward too. I plan to review as many as possible and I am sure that a highlight will be the Ben Hanlin show that I have booked.

Shows that I attended during the past week include Harris Fellman and Billy Reid. Both shows were enjoyable and I have published reviews. I also watched the Ben Hart online show on Friday night. The review was published yesterday.

Non card purchases have included the Chris Cross book and poster that was also signed. And I received my signed Jay & Joss photo as well to add to the collection last week. Really pleased with the Chris Cross poster which I will get framed.

A big moment during the week was also the BGT final with Magical Bones. it was quite the surprise to find 5 magicians in the final. I realise some were not happy about that but better than having five singers, which we normally get year after year. Unfortunately though, having 5 magicians in the final probably prevented one of them winning with 5 all competing for the magician vote(s).

What with reviews and tour news, the site has kept me busy this week. Keep an eye out for the next online show review that I am currently writing.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


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