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My Week In Magic - Update 80

Yesterday, I came across a very nice collectable. A Davenports centenary box at a reasonable price. Luck was on my side and I was able to buy.

The boxes were issued in 1998 to celebrate 100 years of Davenports magic. Attendees at celebrations at the time were given these boxes. They were very limited and I understand that the box contents can vary. All contents relating to the first 100 years of Davenports. Really looking forward to reviewing all the content.

A special addition to my collection and I will add to my collectable pages very soon.

I’m looking forward to this evening. I have tickets with my family to watch Ben Hart at the Curve theatre in Leicester. Should be really good and we are in the second row centre I believe.

I will be taking my Ben Hart book as well in the hope that I can get it signed. Fingers crossed.

It’s good to see things beginning to return to normal. And while not magic related, I was able to get to a music gig this week and see Texas perform at Leicester. They were amazing and I also got to meet lead singer and guitarist Sharleen Spiteri for a quick photo. There is hope for the arts and entertainment industry. The venue was packed and hopefully this will be just the start of things returning to normal.

Website wise, the latest interview that I posted with Shae Gathercole has proved popular. If you want to have a read of the interview, take a look here.

With my birthday coming up, my sister asked what I would like. With a lack of Houdini books, she is buying me some for my collection. Looking forward to reading these and of course I will share pics once I receive them.

Lastly, I created some new promo pics to advertise events for the Leicester Magicians Network. Events in the gallery below and for more information, visit the LMN website here.

Have a good rest of weekend.




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