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My Week In Magic - Ben Hart Book Signing

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

A fab week on the magic front. Last Sunday I was finally able to watch Ben Hart perform his “Wonder” tour.

I bought the tickets back in 2019 and it took a few years to see the show but it was worth it. Not quite the tickets I thought I had, but still excellent tickets with a really good view. I was able to watch the show with magician Shae Gathercole who I interviewed recently. Shae is a member of the same magic club that I am also a member (Leicester Magicians Network).

For this particular show, no meet and greet was organised. Probably because of the size of audience as quite a large theatre. I had brought my “Darkest Corners” book along in the hope of getting it signed just in case.

Thankfully, Shae had some connections so we could wait at the right spot. 30 minutes after the show, Ben Hart then appeared.

A really nice chap, so as well as a selfie, I was able to get my book signed. A nice bonus was that the author Neil was also present with home and I was able to get the book double signed.

The signed playing card was also fab. The four of hearts having lots of space for Ben’s signature.

It goes without saying that both of these items are now quite special within my collection.

During his show, Ben mentioned how important it was to support live theatre and he is right.

I really hope that some West End or touring magic shows get announced like Wonderville last year.

Later in the week I managed to get tickets to see Magical Bones. I bought tickets ages ago for a show that was rescheduled and then I could not make the new dates. I managed to get a single seat for this show and a fantastic seat. Cannot wait for the 25th of this month Hopefully another selfie and playing card signing opportunity!

Book wise, I started a Harry Houdini biography by DK books. Thanks to my sister and family who bought me this one. May take me a while though as have a kindle book on the go and of course reading some of my newly signed Ben Hart book.

I ordered a copy of Machinations from Vanishing Inc that was on sale for a good price. I borrowed a copy recently and had to add it to my collection. Looking forward to it arriving along with an effect that I bought. And the Davenports centenary box arrived this week. I mentioned about it in last weeks week in review.

Website wise, I managed to do some collectables updates and added the Davenports box within the collectables pages. Added the Ben Hart items as well. Do take a look.

Next week I have an in person David Penn lecture to look forward to. Hopefully a few other magical things will also happen.

Have a good one





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