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My Week In Magic - Update 82

After a few busy weeks on the magic front, this week was relatively quiet.

Covid hit our household with my daughter affected. My wife and I having to isolate voluntarily.

At the time of writing, my wife and I are still negative. Amelia appears to be making a swift recovery which is really good.

Unfortunately I missed the David Penn lecture that was hosted by the Leicester Magicians Network. I hear that it was a good turn out. Many members and guests attended.

I was really looking forward to it so was disappointed not to be able to go. However, I do believe personally that more more restrictions should apply still to prevent covid as some one classed as vulnerable. Hence not attending.

If you want to know more about that Lecture and the Leicester Magicans Network, take a look at the blog post here which includes a gallery of pictures. Hopefully I will get to see the David Penn lecture at another time.

Book wise, my latest book “Machinations” arrived on the Sunday. An interesting book to now own as part of my collection. I also managed to buy at a sale price. Written by Ben Harris, the book also includes some templates to use.

I am due to watch Magical Bones next week on the Friday. Fingers crossed that it still happens. I have really good tickets at a small theatre and hope I can still go.

Have a good weekend.




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