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My Week In Magic - Update 85: Richard Jones “Escape” Review

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

I have been very lucky to see a number of live magic theatre shows this year. The latest show this week was Richard Jones and his “Escape” tour, at the Lighthouse theatre in Kettering last night.

My daughter and I had excellent seats which were just 7 rows back from the stage. We had previously seen this tour in 2019 but wanted to see the show again. Always good to see Richard perform live.

This was the first time attending the Lighthouse theatre and it was very easy to find. As I live in the West Midlands, it was just a journey down the M6 and then A14. The journey didn’t take long and lots of car parking was at the venue which is always useful! Very easy to find unlike some venues.

My daughter and I really enjoyed the show. As a few years since we last saw the show, we had forgotten a lot of it and it felt fresh again. I think some of the material may have also been revised/refreshed.

The show went very well and the audience had a fantastic time. I was lucky to be able to play a part in the show, standing up to interact for one of the routines. It should have been my daughter who was too shy to get up.

Routine wise, Richard used a close up video camera to project some routines onto a screen. The show comprises of card tricks, coins and mentalism.

A confident performance which was injected with lots of humour.

This particular show was the last performance of the “Escape” tour. I believe that Richard plans to launch a new show soon. The show was also in memory of Richards manager Terry.

A very enjoyable evening which was held at a great venue. Thank you Richard for the fantastic show.

My daughter and I previously meeting Richard

Earlier in the week I started planning for the blogs/sites 2nd anniversary.

I have started to redesign the site logo and supporting artwork that I will reveal next month for the homepage. I am currently doing some mocks of the revised homepage. This is work that will continue until I am happy with how it all looks. A lick of paint if you like. While the desktop mock up is looking good, it is slightly more challenging with the mobile version. A bit more work to do on that front!

I also have some other plans to help celebrate the anniversary. All to be revealed soon.

Collectables wise, I was able to win a couple of new Daniel Madison signed playing cards on e-Bay. They arrived very quickly and have been well looked after. Another good addition to my collection.

I also won a signed Harry Corbett autograph and preprinted photo. A good addition to my collection and I now have all three presenters who work(ed) with Sooty.

That’s it for this week. Next week I am going to see Jimmy Carr to break up some of the magic shows. A bit of comedy that should be good.

Early in the week I also have an online Zoom meeting to watch Megan Swann lecture/talk who is the president of the Magic Circle. That should be enjoyable.

Have a good weekend.




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