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My Week In Magic - Update 86 - Website Refresh

I have now completed my collection of signed signatures of Sooty presenters. The Harry Corbett signature that I bought the previous week arrived really quickly. Harry was of course the original Sooty presenter prior to his son taking over (Matthew).

As well as a signed signature of Harry Corbett and Sooty, a photo with a pre printed photo was included. A nice piece to own.

Most of my time this week was spent on updating this website. With the sites two year anniversary next month, I spent more time on the look and the improvements that I wanted to make. The changes finally went live on Friday.

As well as a new news ticker to allow quick messaging, a new poll page was also launched.

The homepage and site now has a brand new look and I worked hard on the desktop and mobile versions. I hope that you like it.

Yesterday during a bit of downtime, I was able to watch a great BBC close up magic video on YouTube. Well worth a watch. An exploration of the origins of magic which features many famous magicians such as Paul Daniels And Fay Presto. I also watched BGT to watch out for any magicians in the evening. Matricks were excellent and impressed the judges.

Not magic related as such but my collection of autographs is now beginning to expand beyond magic. With some 80 magician signatures so far, it seems time to start collecting beyond. This week while attending a Jimmy Carr gig, I was able to get a signed book. The gig was enjoyable too!

Hope you are having a good Easter.




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