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My Week In Magic - 87 - Richard Jones “Box Of Magic” Review

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

For those of you who follow this blog and site, you will be aware that I like collecting magic related memorabilia.

My latest purchase is a new magic set/kit by Richard Jones, which is called a “Box of Magic”. Ideal for me as I do have quite a few magic sets that I have collected and that I list within my collectables pages.

I actually saw this set on sale when I went to the recent Richard Jones "Escape" tour at Kettering earlier this month. This is a different magic set from the one that Richard used to sell earlier in the tour and online a couple of years ago.

The magic set is very nicely presented in a small sized box and a limited edition. The box presentation is high quality with gold print and has a luxury feel about it.

As I purchased this set online, the magic kit includes a note to me and a signed insert. The contents include 5 effects which are presented very nicely. I will leave the contents part as a surprise (no spoilers), but all are of good quality and come in their own sealed bags. The inside contents are also wrapped with a gold tissue paper. Individually, the effects would definitely be priced more than the cost for this entire kit. The effects also come with an instruction/ tutorial video which is presented by Richard from his studio. As you would expect, the link is secret and the video is just under 30 minutes. As Richard says, the effects are "super quick and easy to learn". Ideal for anyone interested in magic who is a beginner from a child upwards.

When working through the effects on the video, Richard gives advice on the best ways to present the magic along with explanations of how the effects work. The video itself is very entertaining and enjoyable to watch. Often, Richard gives alternative suggestions and different ways to vary the effects. The video also includes links to some other resources.

Some of the effects are particularly good for performing on social media, while others could be a good finisher for your set. The video also has lots of close ups while you work through the instruction. Another bonus is that if you get stuck, you are instructed that you can message Richard via Instagram for advice.

In addition, anyone uploading any of their performances of these effects on social media can also win a prize if you tag Richard. A great incentive for younger children wanting to learn magic and gain encouragement.

As always with Richard and his team, they dispatched the items fast and at a reasonable price. To buy the magic set, if you go to his website, you can use his bookings email address to order. I understand that numbers are far more limited than the his previous magic sets so you will need to be quick.

A recommended purchase for those in your life who are Richard Jones or magic fans.

An excellent addition to my magic sets collection!

Have a good weekend! And don't forget that if you are into magic collectables, check out my pages here which includes the new listing for this magic set here.

Keep an eye out on my blog pages for Richard Jones tour news. He is already teasing a new tour and dates for this year into 2023!





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