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Neighbours 2023 Season: My First Thoughts (Spoiler free)

At last, we have new episodes of Neighbour's - the popular show that should have never been rested!

Last year when the news broke of a return in 2023, it felt like a long time to wait. But finally the new episodes are dropping and in my opinion, they do not disappoint.

Most of the main cast are back, with promises that just because a returnee does not feature initially, it's not to say that they won't be back in future.

Attempting to keep this review spoiler free, I will talk more about the general production of the show rather than story spoilers.

The look and feel of the show is still the same format that we are used to. Production values appear more cinematic with visuals looking amazing in HD. During the 2022 season, sets were already being improved to include the fourth wall to complete the immersiveness of the surroundings. Therefore, many of the sets have been given a makeover and we still have not seen everything yet.

As the story does definitely jump two years (as already confirmed), lots of opportunities exist for new stories, cast changes and some mysteries as to how some changes occurred. Many familiar cast have returned and new additions have been enjoyable to watch. Holly and Byron both being enjoyable to watch and the new Varga-Murphy family also fit in well. Though strictly speaking, Holly is not a new character and is now a regular having previously guested, and Byron has been recast.

I particularly enjoyed the appearances of Holly Hoyland who is played by Lucinda Armstrong-Hall. Love her attitude and I can see real potential for this character. Very enjoyable and you can't help but smile at her manner when interacting with those who perhaps she has no time for.

A surprise in the first few episodes are some additional returnees who were not advertised in advance, so I will not name them. But two returnees in particular were a joy to see again and I really hope we get to see more of them in future.

As the show will now be Monday to Thursday, I have watched the first four episodes. These episodes laying the foundations for all the future story lines. Personally, I have really enjoyed the show from the off and feel it finds its way very quickly. It really is the "Neighbours" that we love - I don't think it has changed. And any changes are for the better and improvement of the show. The new titles and updated "Neighbours" theme tune are also enjoyable.

While some have been surprised about some aspects of the story, I am just pleased to have my favourite characters return and to be able to follow what happens. I actually like the story developments and cannot wait to see future episodes.

A strong rerun for the soap and I will post a separate blog post about the storylines broadcast and my thoughts very soon. Welcome back "Neighbours!".

If you are still struggling to watch or find Freevee, please do read this previous post here. Freevee is owned by Amazon and apps for smart tv's, games consoles, tv set boxes and mobile phones are all available.

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