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Neighbours: A new chapter - How do I watch?

The day has nearly come at last for the iconic TV show "Neighbours" to return to TV after what feels like an eternity.

Like many, I find the show a great way to relax after a days work. Amazon, who have invested heavily in the show to bring it back to audiences worldwide have been busily promoting the show this week. They are gearing up for show success in new markets (US and Canada etc) beyond the established audiences within the UK and AUS.

The big difference this time is that the show is available to stream with daily episodes dropping each day from 7am in the UK from Monday to Thursday each week. So, rather than being tied to a broadcast time, you can watch daily when convenient to you.

Within the UK, I have seen many comments from some on social media asking others for assistance and how that they can watch. The important thing to remember is that in the UK, "Neighbours" will no longer be available on any terrestrial network - appointment TV if you like.

Streaming the show will be via Amazon Freevee in the UK and it is really straightforward to use. I have been watching the old Neighbours episodes this year on Freevee.

As a Sky Q platform user, I can access by first selecting the Amazon Prime app on the set top box. Then within the Amazon Prime app menu is a section for the free Freevee TV shows.

Many smart TV's, games consoles, phones and set top boxes can run the FreeVee app. If you need any help installing FreeVee, use this link.

I have actually been impressed with Freevee, watching the older "Neighbours" episodes daily for most of this year. The streaming quality and reliability of the service has generally been good. Complete seasons from 2012 are available and I am half way through the 2015 series at present. Certainly I will be continuing to watch these older episodes while watching the new 2023 episodes.

I will report back on my thoughts about the new chapter of "Neighbours" during the week. In preparation, I have rewatched last years finale. And if you are a new Freevee user, perhaps that might be a good place to start in preparation for the new episodes starting this Monday. A help forum/community is also available here.

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