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Neo Magic “Real ESP” Review

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Neo Magic have been busy this month (May-22) with two new product releases. After reviewing ”The Perfect Match” last week, this latest review is of ”Real ESP” by Neo Magic.

An easy to carry ESP routine that you can pack into your wallet, ready to perform with minimal setup.

The new products are proudly listed on the Neo Magic website which has had a recent makeover.

If you haven’t visited the Neo Magic website recently, it is worth a look. The range of products is forever expanding with books, digital downloads, card tricks and (currently) sale items. Delivery is also free for UK customers.

I have been supplied with a review copy of ”Real ESP”. Thank you Neo Magic.

Description of Effect (and video)

The audience are introduced to the ESP symbols on the wallet. The matching ESP playing cards are then displayed face down and spread at a good distance horizontally below the ESP wallet.

A chosen member of the audience then helps select one of the ESP playing cards by gradually eliminating all but one of the five cards.

To elliminate ESP cards, the wallet is moved across the playing cards to effectively keep and reject cards until only one is left, following selection instructions by the magician/mentalist. The rejected ESP cards are then left together, clearly on display to the side of the pad/table.

The remaining single ESP card that has been selected by the audience member is then turned over and revealed.

Now set for your reveal, you turn over your ESP wallet to reveal a red playing card. A matching ESP card selection is then shown which matches the card selected by the audience member. Proving an ESP connection.

The grand finish then reveals the remaining rejected ESP cards. The cards once turned over reveal that the ESP cards are actually blank, making the ESP card selection even more amazing.

The effect is then fully examinable.

Watch below for Vinny’s video explanation of ”Real ESP”.

First Impressions

When opening the packet, ”Real ESP” is presented in a clear sealed packet which encloses everything that you need to present the effect. Contained within is a product card and a plastic wallet with ESP symbols on display. All the ESP/playing cards that you need are also provided. The product card also provides a scannable link to the instruction video.

The sealed packet that Neo Magic uses to pack your effect also can be reused to seal up the contents to keep safe when not in use. I always keep my Neo Magic effects in their original packets and then store in a display folder for easy storage and retrieval.

The effect requires a very simple setup that is achieved in seconds. Even quicker if you store the effect in the packaging, as ready to go.

The effect is ideal for a wide range of performers that includes mentalists and close up magicians.

I was up and running with the effect within 10 minutes. The main focus needs to be on scripting and how you present the usage of ESP cards. Practice of the smooth handling of the cards is also recommended.

I performed the effect for my family and gained a good reaction. This got me thinking about how I could add some variety and customise the routine. Easily done in my opinion, so that you can personalise and add your own ideas.


A fun easy to present packet trick that you can learn and present in very little time.

Neo Magic tricks are an easy way to build up a collection of easily presented effects that are mind blowing at a reasonable cost.

For anyone wanting to add an ESP effect to your set, this is ideal. As a new effect, you will be one of a select number of magicians performing this routine initially.

To buy or watch when available, visit the Neo Magic site here.

Also take a look at our previous Neo Magic review of “The Perfect March” that you you can read here.

Thanks to Neo Magic for supplying a review copy.

Read our previous review of “The Perfect Match” here.




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