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Neo Magic “The Perfect Match” Review

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Neo Magic have been releasing card tricks as an established magic dealer for many years since 2018.

Vinny and Shina, who run Neo Magic, have attended many magic conventions and Vinny is of course known for his Neo Magic lectures across the world.

While I have been supplied with a review copy of “The Perfect Match", I know first hand from experience how good Neo Magic customer service and products are.

I have purchased many of their effects and this latest product, “The Perfect Match” is a great addition to my collection.

This effect/product is the first of some new Neo Magic products since the release of the popular book ”Mind The Maths Magic” late last year (2021).

”The Perfect Match” is presented in an attractive small box, with everything that you will require to perform the effect included. The contents include written/video instructions, playing cards, match box, matches and some spares. The matches actually being coloured sticks. All easy to store and keep safe together.

Short Description of Effect (and video)

The effect requires the magician to work with two audience members using playing cards and a box of matches. The audience are advised that the playing cards consist of blue and red back cards and shown to consist of matching pairs. Each audience member takes some of the matches from the match box until all matches have been used. Each audience member will then secretly count the number of matches that they have which gives them each a random number. Once all are happy that the playing cards have been shuffled and are in a random order, the magician counts the pile of cards onto the table/pad. Each audience member is given a chance to then identify their random card by selecting the card that corresponds with their random number.

Not only will the magician predict the colour of the playing card backs chosen by each audience member (revealing the prediction on the back of the match box) but they will prove that the two volunteers are ”The Perfect Match”. The big reveal being that the two selected playing cards once turned face over are actually matching.

Throughout the performance, the audience members have been responsible for their decision making. Firstly, selecting the number of matches that they each hold through to selecting their corresponding playing cards from a randomly ordered shuffled deck.

The effect is then fully examinable and can be instantly repeated with no reset necessary.

First Impressions

The effect is ideal for a wide range of performers that includes mentalists and close up magicians. Good for weddings and situations whereby two audience members/volunteers can be proven as “The Perfect Match”.

A very straightforward effect that can be easily learnt by beginners or more experienced magicians very quickly. Within 10 minutes you will have followed and mastered the instructions so that you can start practising.

With very little practice, I was able to perform for my family and I gained a positive response. A good reaction from my wife and daughter. I also look forward to presenting the effect to magicians at the LMN (Leicester Magicians Network).

Very easy to perform and fun, while you can customise your patter, making sure that you maintain good clear instructions.

My daughter Amelia having enjoyed “The Perfect Match”

Neo Magic not only provide written instructions but also provide an instruction video. Both being good to follow and compliment each other.

While I will not disclose the method as it is the secret in magic that you of course buy, it is very easy to perform and you can’t go wrong really. It would also be quite easy to come up with some variations of the effects presentation to meet your own style.


A fantastic little trick that will suit beginners up of all ages as self working and examinable. It really is very straightforward and easy to perform. The result being that you can focus on the presentation while feeling confident that you will perform without error.

For a more in depth full description of the effect, see the extra write up below or watch the Neo Magic video earlier in this post.

Thanks to Neo Magic for supplying a review copy. I will certainly be performing this again and I look forward to perfecting my presentation. An excellent little trick that I would include within a short set and takes no more than a few minutes to perform.

As a newly launched product, the effect is in a lot of demand currently. To buy or watch when available, visit the Neo Magic site here.

Keep an eye out for our next review of Neo Magic “Real ESP“ coming soon.

Full Description of Effect Presentation (without method)

The effect allows you to work with two volunteers from your audience who are each shown a selection of playing cards and a box of matches. Ideal for selecting a couple who you may wish to prove are "The Perfect Match".

You introduce the audience/volunteers to your props, your playing cards and the match box. The playing cards are shown to consist of blue and red backs and when reversed, it is explained that the cards consist of matching pairs in random order. The randomness being key with the audience members/volunteers encouraged to shuffle the cards until they are satisfied of no predetermined order.

The box of matches is then examined and shown to contain the coloured match sticks which are emptied onto the table, the two volunteers are both encouraged to choose some of the matches until all are gone. You then encourage the volunteers to count their matches but request that they keep the quantity that they have secret. Once remembered, you can place the match sticks away again in their box.

The playing cards are then counted down onto the magician's pad/table. However before doing so, you can give all the opportunity if they wish to shuffle the playing cards some more. While counting the playing cards down (face up), the first selected volunteer then takes note to secretly identify their chosen card in their head, selecting the card that corresponds with the number of match sticks that they counted out. You then repeat the same process for the second audience member, once again counting the same pack of cards to allow the audience member to identify their playing card. Again, corresponding with the number of their match sticks.

Once both volunteers have identified the playing card chosen by the quantity of match sticks, both audience members are given the opportunity to remove their card from the pack and place face down on the table, without revealing the card to anyone else.

Two cards are then placed side by side face down, in front of the match box.

Despite the audience members potentially being able to select any of the red or blue backed playing cards, the magician makes their first prediction revealing the colours of the playing cards that they expected to be chosen. The prediction is revealed to be on the back of the match box, revealing that the magician knew which audience member would have which coloured card.

After this prediction, the magician can then prove the impossible. Despite the volunteers choosing a random number of matches and then the corresponding playing card with a shuffled set of cards, the magician unveils a perfect match of two playing cards that are the same. Two playing cards that were selected by the audience/volunteers that prove that they are "The Perfect Match!"

Coming soon - our review of “Real ESP” by Neo Magic.




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