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Interview With Alan Hudson

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

When I started the site, Alan was one of the first artists to volunteer for an interview.

We have now been able to have a chat and I hope that you enjoy this latest post chatting with Alan.

You will know Alan from various television appearances such as Britain’s got Talent and he has successfully embraced Zoom magic. Particularly in demand within the corporate sector and he has kept busy despite the current climate.

To book Alan and learn about his services that are available, visit his site where you can read about his virtual magic show. You can also watch his hilarious Britain’s Got Talent appearance.

Alan Hudson is one of the top funny magicians in the UK. He’s performed all over the world including The Magic Castle in Hollywood where he’s performed for many A-list celebrities and Monday Night Magic in New York.

Not only a member of The Magic Circle, but actually a member of The Inner Magic Circle (only 250 worldwide). Seen by over 5 million people on ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent, The Next Great Magician and Penn and Teller: Fool Us

In 2019 Alan was awarded the Carlton Comedy Award by The Magic Circle for outstanding comedy in magic.

MagicSeats - How are you and what have you been up to this year career-wise?

Alan Hudson - I'm very well thanks. This year has been a bit of a game changer. Who could have predicted a year ago that a whole new way of performing would come out of nowhere? I mean, I wish I'd thought of doing online shows years ago, but I doubt it would have had the same take up.

MagicSeats - It’s good to hear that Zoom is keeping you busy. You, of course, also appeared on Britain’s Got Talent this year.  How did that opportunity come about and has it created any new exciting ventures for you?

Alan Hudson - Like most acts, they've been asking every year so I finally decided to do it. That was partly because Russ Stevens was onboard and I knew he had my back. Also, my wife, Kat Hudson, had an idea she wanted to try so we decided we would go together. We thought it might be a nice angle for them with a husband and wife magic act, but performing different acts. I'm guessing in a different year it might have created opportunities, but not this year. Who knows what will happen in the future. All TV appearances help with credibility though to book in corporate events.

Britain’s Got Talent 2020

MagicSeats - I understand that quite a bit of your work has been international this past year which included far away travel.  That possibly bucks the trend for many and it is good to hear of that success.   How do you create your international leads and are there more opportunities overseas currently  than perhaps in the UK? 

Alan Hudson - I perform all over the place. The international jobs mainly tend to come through people who have seen me perform at events in the UK. Some come because of TV or YouTube clips. For instance, I know that an Italian TV show I did this year came from performing on The Next Great Magician a few years ago.

MagicSeats - Your website offers lots of services including weddings, corporate and private shows which includes Zoom. Not all artists are successful at Zoom magic or in some cases, they may not be interested in the medium as they wish to pursue other avenues. What is the secret of your business success, performing corporate and private Zoom magic?  

Alan Hudson - I completely understand that magicians don't want to perform on Zoom, but I actually love it. I always had a dream that I could perform a show from my house and the audience came to me. This is the next best thing. I can leave all my props out, I perform a full show rather than a few minutes at a table and I can perform several shows a day. I think my secret was to perform a lot of shows early on for private events. The number of people that saw me has been incredible and a lot have passed on my details to corporate bookers.

MagicSeats - As the pandemic continues to present challenges what does the future hold for magic as a live art form, and what (if anything) needs to happen to ensure it thrives going forward?

Alan Hudson - I have absolutely no idea. I'd like to think it will go back, but honestly no one has any idea. For me, I'd like to keep performing virtual shows.

MagicSeats - With many TV appearances, corporate bookings and inner magic circle membership - to list just some of your successes, what do you consider is your biggest achievement to date and why?

Alan Hudson - There are quite a few moments that I've had to pinch myself over. I think when I got booked to appear on The Next Great Magician, that was the moment I started to feel that I might not be an imposter after all. When Scott Penrose rang with news that I'd been made a member of The Inner Magic Circle, that was a fantastic day and a real moment. And the first time I performed at The Magic Castle. Many people have imposter syndrome in this industry. I think I've only just started to shake that off.

MagicSeats - Who were your inspirations and who inspires you today?

Alan Hudson - When I started, I looked to all the comedy magicians who I thought were brilliant. Paul Daniels, Paul Zenon, John Archer, John Lenahan etc. They definitely inspired me early on. These days, I get inspired by what all the younger ones are up to on Instagram. I'm quite jealous that it wasn't around when I was younger. MagicSeats - Thank you for answering these questions.  And to finish, any exciting future plans that you can share?

Alan Hudson - I plan on painting my hallway. Quite looking forward to that.

MagicSeats - Good luck with your decorating Alan and thank you for your time today.

For more information on Alan, his services and for bookings, please visit his site for his virtual magic show.



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