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New Interview With Pete Whitmore Coming This Friday

For the month of May we launched a special series of interviews with the founders of The Leicester Magicians Network (LMN). A series of four interviews to celebrate the excellent LMN club and the first birthday of Magic Seats.

The Leicester Magicians Network is a new club that launched in 2020 for magicians and those with a genuine interest in magic.

Our third interview this Friday is with Pete Whitmore. Pete is a practicing magician with over 30 years experience. One of the Founding members of the Leicester Magicians Network and a member of The Leicester Magic Circle.

He specialises in close up magic, including mentalism and psychological magic. Experienced in entertaining guests at social events either at tables or gathered in groups. Always giving events a personal touch.

Pete is Midlands based and can be booked via his website. Covering Leicestershire and surrounding areas. All contacts and social details can be found at the end of this article. Mix and Mingle / Close Up / Walk around magic is the perfect addition to any event.

Pete has assisted Scot Jerram in the publication of his book "Scot Free", reading many drafts and enhancing an effect called "Playing Card Bingo".

To book Pete or learn more about his services, take a look at his website and social sites below.

See below for details about the Leicester Magicians Network:

The Leicester Magicians Network

As part of this series of interviews with the founders of the Leicester Magicians Network, I sat down with them and asked some questions about the club.

Magic Seats - What’s the story behind the Leicester Magicians Network. How did the idea come about to form a new club?

Whilst we all love and respect the traditions of ‘older’ magic societies, they can be sometimes intimidating to new members. The four founding members all shared a similar philosophy and it was something that we are all passionate about, particularly in bringing on the next generation of magicians.

This is why we thought long and hard about our mission statement:

“To Create A Magic Community Where Everyone Who Is Passionate About Magic Is Welcome, Built Around Trust, Friendship and Support, And Aiming to Help All Members to Be the Best They Can Be.”

Magic Seats - With many magic clubs to join, what is different about Leicester Magicians Network. Why join your club?

When founding The Leicester Magic Network, the philosophy was to create a modern forward-thinking Club that was not constrained by out-dated ideas or principles. Unlike traditional magic clubs we have dispensed with the requirement for an audition in order to join. We do not want in any way want to preclude anyone from joining such as the hobbyist magician. Our desire is to promote a relaxed, friendly environment which allows members of all abilities to share ideas, ask questions without fear, or perform if they feel comfortable.

We also have what we believe to be a unique membership model where for when a small set annual fee is paid, it gives you access to many members evenings, workshops etc which occur average twice a month. On top of that, we of course have Professional Lectures which operate on a pay-as-you-go basis members are able to pick and choose which ones they wish to attend.

Magic Seats - How did you come up with the name of the club?

We had a bit of a brainstorming session and obviously creating a new magic club in the midst of a pandemic was a challenge. With the name we wanted to convey a message of ‘connectivity’ even though none of us could initially meet in person.

For information about the club, events or membership details, please visit the website here.


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