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Interview with Richard Jones

Updated: Mar 28

Richard Jones is a household name who is regularly on television globally and has a massive presence on social media. A talented performer who is the only magician to ever win Britain's Got Talent in 2016.

He juggles his magic career while also serving as an Ambassador for the British Army. Regularly performing for audiences in his military ceremonial uniform.

I have personally had the opportunity to see Richard perform live in the theatre as well as watch him on Zoom several times. An amazing performer who is also a member of the prestigious inner Magic Circle with gold star.

Richard regularly performs on Zoom and has his own home studio to entertain his many fans and corporate clients.

He is also the Patron of two Children's Charities, ‘Scotty’s Little Soldiers’ and ‘Together For Short Lives’.

Richard regularly engages with his fans running live sessions on FaceBook and Instagram and also has a YouTube channel.

Magic Seats: Thank you Richard for spending time on this interview. Very much appreciated. Great to have the opportunity to chat and find out more about you.

What is your first magical memory that inspired you to get into magic - your inspiration?

Richard Jones: My first experience of seeing magic was when I was very young. I remember my Dad taking me to London Charing Cross and into the most mysterious place I'd ever seen 'Davenports Magic Shop'. We were lucky to have some of the magicians in there show us some tricks. The thing that made it so memorable was the fact that it felt so hidden away that it followed everything you would expect from a secret society. That captured my imagination.

Davenports - Charing Cross

Magic Seats: Thats a really nice memory to have. Watching magicians show you tricks as a child is always special. What is your favourite trick/or routine performed by another magician?

Richard Jones: I've always loved David Copperfield's Grandpa's Aces routine. I feel far more impressed when a piece of magic affects me on a meaningful level. Having a powerful message and meaning behind magic is more powerful to me than impressive flourishes.

Magic Seats: That is an impressive routine. I know that you are into your card magic.

MagicSeats has just published a new Magic collectibles page which also includes a lot of playing cards. What is your most treasured magic collectible that you own?

Richard Jones: I am very lucky to own one of Derren Brown's books on magic. These old books are very rare and he has always been among my favourite of perfomers.

A Richard Jones Lucky Coin that I am privileged to own

Magic Seats: I can appreciate how special that is to you. I know that you were also lucky enough to get called up on stage during one of Derren's stage shows. How lucky is that!

As a collector myself, one of my favourite new pieces is your lucky coin. The coin features your “Always Believe In The Impossible” motto. How did you come up with it? What’s the story.

Richard Jones: The people who have inspired me most in life are the people who achieved things that they were always told they could not. It was once 'impossible' to send objects into space, it was once 'impossible' to speak to someone while they were on the other side of the world.

Impossible is just a phrase we use to determine what we haven't discovered yet. I was told many times that I couldn't become a TV magician while also being a soldier, luckily I found a way to make it possible.

We are all capable of anything our imagination can think of, but often we are restricted by society's labels. I hope this motto makes people think and gives them belief in themselves to make their dreams a reality, even if society tells us it's impossible.

Magic Seats: Tommy Cooper is another magician who was also in the army and went on to great things, making his dreams reality. What else would you like to achieve career wise while in the army, perhaps with music or within magic?

Richard Jones: I'm lucky to be at a point where I enjoy what I do so much that the goal is to continue on the path as long as I can. To perform a tour show every year around the country as well as serving within the armed forces is keeping me content for now :-)

Although having a show in Vegas would be nice!

Magic Seats: A Vegas show would be amazing. Can you imagine having a residency and your name up in lights!

I know that an important part of your career is social media and interacting with your fans. You have started to promote your YouTube channel and are gaining many subscribers. What content are you planning for the channel that you can share?

Richard Jones: I really enjoy making 'challenge' videos. While I'm stuck in lock down I've been trying to learn a new skill every week and uploading a process/achievement video at the end of each week. As well as that I'm interviewing interesting people each week. I recently uploaded an interview with Marc Spelmann which is full of gems about BGT and Magic.

Magic Seats: I've been following your challenges and interviews. Really entertaining.

Beyond YouTube, have you got any future plans for 2021 that you can share?

Richard Jones: My UK Tour show is set to get back on track in October this year which I'm very excited about!

Until then no doubt I'll keep doing Virtual Shows which I've also come to love.

Magic Seats: The virtual shows are excellent and I know that you have just announced a new show for April this year. Details at end of article.

And lastly, while prepping for these interview questions, I asked the Leicester Magicians Network for any questions that they could suggest. Their amazing contribution was “What brand of hair gel do you use? As your barnet is always perfect!" Lol. (c/o magician Vinny Sagoo).

Richard Jones: It's a WIG!

Magic Seats: I don't believe that - Lol.

Thank you for your time Richard and good luck with the forthcoming virtual show and keeping your hair smart.

For tickets for Richard's next Virtual Show, visit: Eventbrite

“Oh my goodness, Richard. That was so incredible, poignant, noble, brilliantly British” – ALESHA DIXON

“I really really want to see you in the final. The whole nation is behind you…it’s not a trick, it’s magic.” – AMANDA HOLDEN

“You, sir, are a wizard. That has to be magic.” – SIMON COWELL

”Absolutely Mind Boggling!” – PRINCE CHARLES

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