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New Page - “Non Magic Content”

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

While I love writing about and reviewing magic, of late I have felt that I have missed opportunities to share posts about other subjects that I am keen to write about on my website.

As I enjoy blogging and I of course have other interests beyond magic, I plan to widen some of the content that I share on this site. I wish to blog to a wider audience about any topic that I can review.

Recently some of my posts have explored associated topics beyond magic like my "VIP packages" blog post. Therefore, giving me a wider remit, particular during any periods where I don't have as much magic content to share.

I have enjoyed the ability to blog beyond magic and I have made a recent decision to start to blog about music gigs, other theatre shows, technology or when I have a story. That way it allows me to have the freedom to write about what I like and keep things interesting for me. I also believe I do have a lot of experiences and opportunities beyond magic to share.

Keen to avoid any confusion and keep any non magic content separate, a new "Non Magic Content" page now exists on this website. This new content will mostly only feature within this new website page. That way, it avoids any confusion with the main magic blog, unless an exception when the subject may be considered to cross over between magic and non magic content e.g "VIP packages".

Content already available within this new page (here) includes the below and other content already. Please do check out the following brand new posts:

Lots more content is also planned and I will regularly update.

Please note that this new content will not feature on the Magic Seats Facebook page as I will be using other methods to promote this content. Hopefully it will bring extra traffic to this site and perhaps some viewers will be interested in the magic content as well.

Keen to keep the sites homepage focussed on magic, there will only be a very small section highlighting recent "Non Magic Content" at the bottom of the page.

For those of you that do like the magic posts, I can assure that this will still continue as it is my hobby.

Please check out the new "Non Magic Content" page and do keep an eye for new articles and reviews. If you do subscribe to the site and email notifications, you should receive updates when non magic posts are also posted.

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