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Online Shows - Add On Perks

During these difficult times for artists, many magicians are currently advertising Zoom shows.

As a new medium, artists are discovering what works for them and some are experimenting with perks and various ticketing options.

As artists become more confident with Zoom as a medium, the quality of the shows are improving as they become accustomed to any challenges and barriers when performing on this medium.

Recently, I have been to shows that offer a ticket price for Zoom which is interactive, but a lesser price for YouTube, for those who perhaps just want to stream the show. A good way of adapting and gaining ticket sales based on audience preference. Streaming on YouTube probably also helps with reaching larger numbers.

A couple of artists/acts have also been experimenting with perks. Pay a standard price to view the show but a little bit more for perks that maybe of interest.

Jay & Joss are a good example of this. Magicians that are adapting and finding different ways to generate income as they learn to adapt to new mediums such as Zoom. They actually offered three tiers/packages, the top package actually including a signed photo/poster.

Example of the options were three packages called West End, Broadway and Las Vegas:

Of course, different perks will appeal to different audience members, so variety of choice is key. As a hobbiest and collector who is interested in magic, a signed photo is actually a bonus for my collection. Certainly I would pay extra in future to attend a Zoom show and get a signed photo/poster or other collectable trick/effectfrom the artist. I really like that idea as selfie’s with artists after live shows are no longer possible.

Another example is the new “An Evening (In) of Deception“ show. They were also offering a few different admission fees. A standard ticket, a ticket that covers the additional fees and a hamper option. A luxury hamper to enjoy while watching the show. The show is also for charity.

The good thing about all these options is that perks will appeal to different people, so choice is key.

As a fan of Zoom, I attend a lot of shows. Any new way to support artists has to be a good thing.

Please continue to follow the blog for Zoom updates. I have a couple more Zoom shows to attend this weekend and I will publish reviews. Will also continue to update on any new trends and ideas as the medium progresses.

Zoom shows are gaining momentum with lots of new ideas and it will be interesting to see how the medium develops.

My guess would perhaps be stronger marketing of the shows as artists become confident in their product and technical offering.


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