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Pete Heat: Public Virtual Show

Pete recently posted on FaceBook. Virtual show on the 13th Feb:

I'm doing a Zoom magic show for the public! After two years of corporate and private shows I'm doing my first ticketed one. It'll be VERY GOOD FUN and that's a Petey Promise™ mate

It's an interactive show, so it's not like watching a show on TV. I'll read your mind through the computer screen and that's another PP™.

Comedy, magic, mind reading. It's not a kids show but they are welcome to watch too. They'll love it. Little half term treat for them. I promise not to constantly shout the rudest words I know

You can also look at it as a little pre-Valentine's date. Basically whatever you need to tell yourself in order to buy a ticket, that's fine by me.

Book now at once immediately click it click it now



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