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“Photo Room” App Review

As a website owner, I have an interest in photo and design apps. Over the last couple of years I have been a regular "Canva" app user, to create website promo material.

One area needing renewed focus of late has been the photography of imagery for my site. I regularly photograph pictures of collectables that I have bought and have been looking at ways to improve these images. The use of a photo light box is helping with that task, providing better lighting and material colour back grounds for photos.

In the interests of improving some example pictures further (originals above), I decided to experiment with the app called "Photo Room". Functionality includes removing objects, replacing backgrounds and enhancing images.

I found the UI of the app intititive. These examples (below) show some photographed images which the app has then improved with total control of the user. A good selection of available options to adjust the picture and control colours.

Options include adding shadows, text and importing your own backgrounds or using available app templates

"AI" options also exist with opportunity to define the backgrounds to define what you are after.

When removing backgrounds, the app does an excellent job and rarely makes any errors. It correctly trims the background away from the main image to assist with manipulation. You can then save with a colour background or even transparent which is useful for websites.

Example pic with original background removed

The app has many background profiles set for social media to even to frame items for sale on marketplaces, already sized to the required dimensions (e.g Etsy). The paid app also supporting batch uploads and manipulation of up to 50 items at a time.

The app is available to Android and Apple IOS. Also available run on windows and Mac desktops via a web browser.

Like all apps these days, the model to purchase is a subscription is sold with weekly or annual plans available. A 7 day trial is also available which is handy. When digging through the Apple subscription settings, I also discovered other plans including monthly.

It could be quite handy to use the app on a weekly subscription if just a short number of tasks to achieve. Though the annual is best value.

A free version of the app is also available but of course is restricted on functionality. Though to use the free version of the app your better off using the desktop version.

Pro users also have access to a personal space which allows you to save your creations and set up teams. For regular users, the account settings have template and logo settings which can be saved along with other preferences.

Once you have finished manipulating photos, you can save to your camera roll and share via social options including text message.

I really enjoyed this app I have had a lot of fun with it and can see many benefits for my website. A definite keeper and I will be subscribing annually.

A recommended app. If you have any questions or comments, let me know below.



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