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Popular Picks: The Best of Magic Seats (So far…)

Originally I had different plans for site content this weekend, but seeing as I am unexpectedly without wheels, it seemed to be a good opportunity to reflect on our most popular website content since our launch in 2020.

To date, we have posted over 1200 blog posts over 3.5 years with content ranging from interviews, reviews and posts that are all related to magic.

Interviews always do very well on the site attracting a lot of traffic and readers. Three of the top five popular picks/posts are interviews. They are always fun to work on and I hope to announce some more interviews very soon.

And don't forget, while these posts have the advantage of achieving their top 5 status as content that has been available for a while, other excellent new content is also available to read within the interview pages here, which includes our latest Natalia Love interview.

For your viewing pleasure, here is our top 5 popular picks!

1 - Louise Andrée Douglas Interview - here

Posted 29-Apr-2021

Our most popular website post and interview of all time. Congrats to Louise Andrée for this enjoyable interview.

Take a look here to read this interview and do keep an eye on the site for some forthcoming news related to Louise.

Louise continues to gain huge success and was part of the IBM Convention 2023 Gala show this year.

2 - Jay & Joss Interview - here

Posted 18-Mar-2021

Jay & Joss are very popular and have two posts that feature in the top 5, that includes an interview and a review of their Zoom show. Therefore claiming the second and third positions of our popular picks. Certainly they are the most searched for artists on the site.

I know from experience how fab they are to see live and I was lucky to see and chat with them at BMC this year.

Congrats to Jay & Joss for appearing twice in the top 5 and for generating a lot of site traffic!

3 - Jay & Joss Online Zoom Show Review - here

Posted 04-Oct-2020

This was an excellent online show with Jay & Joss that was very enjoyable and was reviewed by the site. Certainly their website also indicates that virtual Zoom shows are still bookable.

4 - Vincenzo Ravina Interview - here

Posted 08-Jul-2021

Vincenzo Ravina is know for his success in many fields as an artist, author and magician. The site was lucky to catch up with Vincenzo after his Penn & Teller appearance.

This was an excellent and straightforward interview to work on. Hopefully one day I will get to meet and see Vincenzo perform who has a very unique style of his own, who is quite the story teller.

Thanks Vincenzo!

5 - "Mind the Maths Magic" book review by Vinny Sagoo/Neo Magic - here

Posted 23-Oct-2021

Vinny Sagoo is very well known in the industry as a magic creator. This book was published a couple of years ago and remains popular.

My daughter and I read this book together and practised some of the magic one weekend while writing this review. Still available to buy now and the review will give you some insight.



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