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Primetime TV Magic - UK

As a child growing up in the 80's, I remember fondly TV shows like "The Paul Daniels Magic Show" on the BBC. Primetime on a Saturday night.

While the USA has constantly had dedicated magic TV programmes in prime time, such as Penn & Teller, we don't get the same output.

Yes, we get some acts on BGT and occasionally get a magic show on a more obscure channel, but we really need a prime UK TV magic show again.

Penn & Teller: Fool Us actually started as a UK programme. From what I recall it was pretty popular and perhaps the last prime magic show that was a series on a main channel. Now that Penn & Teller is made in the US, no one buys or runs it on UK television. Therefore, we are restricted to You Tube viewing.

We have so much UK talent, a prime Saturday night magic show would be excellent. Not only to showcase all the UK performers that we have but a show that will encourage others to take up magic as a hobby.

Last year, Stephen Mulhern successfully presented a one off BGT Magic special. What an excellent presenter he would make for such a show, being a magician himself.

We need a show that showcases all the varieties of magic available from close up to large scale stage magic. A high quality show with a decent budget to attract stars of magic. And what an opportunity for many up and coming magic talents in the UK to raise their profile?

Weekend television has become quite samey over the years. Such a new magic show could potentially be a big hit with families. An opportunity to break up the monotonous weekend schedules that have been the same for years.

Magic on TV always appear popular with viewers so why not a decent one hour weekly show as a series?

As well as entertaining, you have so much opportunity for variety with magic, ventriloquist's, escape artists, comedy magicians and more.

My vision would be a presenter/magician who introduces acts weekly during the series. They also present some magic themselves as well as have many guest magicians.

The talent we have in the UK needs to be showcased. Come on TV companies, get your act together and give the magic community and public this opportunity. Surely it would attract a good viewership. It's time to try and find out!



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