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Professional Magicians/Artist Management

If you are a professional magician or the management of an artist that you would like to be listed on this website, please contact the site and supply your website details. Please use the get in touch page on this site.

The information will then be used to add you to the relevant pages like the A to Z of Magicians and other supporting pages such as tour listings and Zoom Magic.

I can also support artist interviews to assist with promotion of performance artists and have just started to publish a series of interviews.

If you send out press releases with news and tour dates, please let me know. I am keen to get this information so I can publish and update website information. Any supporting artist pictures or tour posters to use on the site would also be useful.

A promo page also exists for tour posters and ads to promote live performances. The promo page is for magicians advertising live and zoom shows/performances. Please contact if you wish to use this free service.

Site traffic is now growing rapidly with many visitors checking the site regularly.



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